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Structural Insulated Panes Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and serving all of the eastern United States. An authorized Premier SIPS sales representative. Build with SIPs and save money, energy and time! This is the product of the future, now!


Customer Stories


I love my house.  Thanks to the SIPs, it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Unlike every other house I've owned, it is not drafty, and my energy bills are very reasonable.
 —Ann | Asheville, NC



I am a custom home builder and I have completed upwards of 15 SIPs projects over the last decade. My experience with Kevin has been excellent.  Kevin is very skilled at estimating and interpreting plans. It is apparent as a home builder for the past 15 years that Kevin knows home building. He is very professional with his quick responses and thorough estimates.  If the SIPs process is done correctly, it is a very efficient and satisfying process.  The SIPs company you choose to work with as a customer has a big impact on this.  It has been a pleasure working with Kevin over the years.
—Matt Yeakly, Red Shed Woodworks, Inc. | Marshall, NC



We built a SIPs home in Cody, Wyoming in 2007.  Kevin was our “go-to-guy” and he did a wonderful job.  Because he had listened to us very carefully, he had a clear grasp of what we wanted and made sure we got it.   If we were ever to build our “dream house” again it would have to be with Kevin.  Any company associated with him will be very fortunate.  
—Bill and Sharon Oftedal |  Cody, WY


In late May 2012, I completed a new SIPs home for someone who had initially been reluctant to pay the initial upcharge for SIPs construction. During a 3-month follow up call in August, I was very specific in asking him how the SIPs part of the home was working for him.  His response: “I have kept close track, and to date I think the A/C has only kicked in on 7 different days.”  Needless to say, he was very happy he had chosen SIPs.  
—SIPs Contractor | Jackson, MS


[Kevin's] patience was unending and his professionalism never wavered. Through any number of difficulties, Kevin’s guidance was always cheerful, helpful, and financially responsible (on our behalf). He steered us away from any number of expensive mistakes.
—Bard and Allison Betz | Cody, WY

Kevin Lehman
North Carolina