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What are SIPs?

A Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is a composite building material that consists of an insulating rigid core between two layers of OSB (oriented strand board).

SIPs share the same structural properties as an I-beam or I-column. The rigid insulation core of the panel acts as a web, while the sheathing fulfills the function of the flanges. They can be used for many different applications, such as exterior wall, roof, floor and foundation systems.

Types of SIPS

EPS Panels
While the core of a SIPs panel can be made of various materials, the strongest, most stable foam is expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). These panels have the advantage of being able to span the largest distance and are generally the most cost-effective option.

Neopor EPS Panels
Another options is Neopor EPS panels. With Neopor EPS panels, a graphite additive goes into the foam during the production process, creating panels with an increased r-value.

PUR Panels
Another option is PUR (Polyurethane) panels. This type of panel offers the same high energy value in a thinner panel, and can achieve a higher r-value. Unlike EPS panels, PUR panels do not require any lumber. Instead they use a Cam-lock. PUR panels are excellent for constructing certified NET-ZERO homes.

Other companies commonly deal with complaints of unevenness or gaps in their PUR panels. Murus' process has already anticipated these issues. Using the highest quality foam, along with other quality control measures, our products do not suffer the issues of many of our competitors. 

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Experience the myriad benefits of choosing Structural Insulated Panels:

 Allergy-Friendly Interiors – Nothing holds dust like conventional fiberglass insulation. SIPs don't use fiberglass insulation, completely eliminating that dust trap. Even better, due to the solid core wall system and the extreme tightness of a SIPs envelope, a SIPs building provides great help with dust and pollen control inside the home. In fact, a typical SIPs structure is 15 times tighter than a typically constructed, conventional structure.

 Exterior Noise Reduction – Structural Insulated Panels are very good for blocking the noise wave lengths of wind, traffic, and other ambient noises that can quite clearly be heard through the walls of a conventionally framed structure.

 Fire Resistance – A SIPs envelope system is so tightly constructed that a fire which starts inside the structure uses up the available oxygen so quickly that it cannot keep burning as an open flame.


Did You Know…? 

  • “Performance R-Values” of a SIPs envelope home is nearly 50% greater than the stated R-Values, making SIPs ideal for Net-Zero Homes.

  • Our SIPs products meet every current building code in the United States.*

  • With our SIPs products, you can meet all current energy codes in a one-step building process.


*Except in Dade County, FL

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